Company Policies

In line with Corporate Policy, Precon Smith Construction Ltd is committed to High Quality Construction Activities by operating within the limits of the International and Local Laws, Upholding safe Working Practices and maintaining good working environment as well as encouraging the use of Local Personnel to achieve optimum results.

Precon Smith Construction Ltd will achieve these by;

  • Adequately improving technical ‘know how’ and Economic Empowerment of the Employees.
  • Ensuring that Client’s Requirements are satisfied.
  • Providing for the people a safe work place, preserving the environment, maintain good medical facilities and training of the personnel.
  • Maintaining a good relation with project host communities through effective communication channels, implementation of their procedures for the hiring of host community personnel and rapid response to community complaints.
  • Promoting and maintaining adequate security systems at all base/site locations for its Personnel, Client, Sub-contractors and other Associates.
  • Ensuring that the same High Quality Services the Company gives to Clients are reflected in the activities of its Personnel, Suppliers and Sub-Contractors.

Our Policies

Precon Smith Construction Ltd is committed to achieving the Highest Standard of Health, Safety and Environment within all its Work Sites.

The Company intends to attain these objectives by ensuring;

  • Adequate technical, Economical and Human Resources Management.
  • A safe working place providing safety equipment according to International Standards.
  • Safe working processes through an Assessment of all risks and through implementation of preventive measures.
  • An assessment of all contingency situations.
  • Professional competence of all personnel through adequate training.
  • A proper reporting system.
  • Appropriate medical facilities in all work sites.
  • Preservation of the environment by preventing releases, spills, leaks and minimization of hazardous waste production.
  • An effective audit system to control the implementation of Precon Smith Construction Ltd Requirement and Procedure.
  • The implementation of this Policy is a Direct Responsibility of the Management and Employees to maintain a Standard at the Highest Possible Level whilst performing all working activates.
  • It is the Company’s Aim to revise and improve the Content of the Present Policy and to Audit its Application.

In accordance with Precon Smith Construction Ltd corporate policy regarding quality, Precon Smith Construction Ltd top management establish, implement and maintain an effective quality program for the duration of all construction activities during the project, as described in the quality plan associated procedures and instructions.

This company policy was designed to satisfy the contractual requirements of the client as well as the requirements of the Precon Smith Construction Ltd corporate quality assurance manual, based on the BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Requirements.

It should be recognized that the achievement of satisfactory standard of quality is the responsibility of all those assigned to the work. Therefore, all Precon Smith Construction Ltd personnel shall follow the requirements quality, as well as the suppliers and contractors who will provide services and/or materials for applicable activity.

Furthermore, Precon Smith Construction Ltd shall implement on a continues basis a proper auditing on quality program to ensure that the desired objective is maintained, communicated and understood at appropriate levels in the organization.

It is the resolve of Management to continue to improve on the performance of the employees by encouraging quality training whenever necessary.

It is our Firm Commitment to maintain the above Policy throughout the execution of all Precon Smith Construction Ltd Construction Activities.

Precon Smith Construction Ltd is highly committed to developing and maintaining friendly and mutually beneficial relationships with its host community.

The company intends to achieve these objectives:

  • Establishing and maintaining an effective communication channel with host communities.
  • Identification and implementation of fair procedures for hiring of local personnel and award of contracts in order to give economic empowerment to the people of the host communities.
  • Establishing a rapid response approach to complaints.
  • Implementation of a Behavior code for company employees regarding community relations and ensuring the observance therefore.
  • Prohibition of employee’s interference in local affairs as well as behavior regarded by the communities as being inconsistent or offensive to local traditions, customs or religious practices.
  • Participation in the social activities of the communities.
  • Assisting the community in the development of identified socially beneficial projects within the limits of the company’s resources.
  • Assisting the communities in harnessing and developing available local manpower.

Our Mission Statement

"Our Mission is to develop indigenous capacity in the construction industry that can favourably compete with others in project management and delivery without compromising quality".

Our Vision

Our Vision at Precon Smith Construction Limited is to be a world class civil engineering construction company